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Integrating tile into your home design adds a timeless elegance that—like stone countertops—is not only functional and durable, but adds great aesthetic appeal to your home. Whether it is for your kitchen tile, kitchen backsplash, shower tile or any other kind of tile application, we are here to provide the highest customer service and satisfaction in partnership with top tile producer Merola Tile.

Why Should I Choose Tile?

Our tile applications come in a variety of materials and styles—ceramic, porcelain, and glass—that can easily accommodate any homeowner’s budget requirements and design preferences. Tile is a low-maintenance, durable surface that will easily last for many years with proper care.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile applications are the perfect option for all of your interior tile needs. When glazed, ceramic flooring and shower tiles are impervious to water and stains, making them an ideal choice for moist environments such as the kitchen or bathroom. They are also durable, and can last for many years if properly maintained. In the case that a single tile does crack, it can be easily replaced. As well, ceramic tiles are typically less expensive than porcelain.

porcelain tile

The versatility of porcelain tile combined with its density and durability make it a great option for a variety of locations in your home and outdoor space. In addition, the color of porcelain tile is baked throughout the entire piece and therefore in the case a chip occurs, it will be invisible. Porcelain kitchen tile and other tile applications will typically be more expensive than ceramic, but provide the benefit of increased robustness.

glass tile

Glass tile is guaranteed to add dramatic color and vibrancy to any kitchen backsplash, shower tile wall or floor tile application. There are a tremendous amount of colors and design options to choose from—allowing for maximum customization. Despite its beauty, glass tile is also relatively low maintenance and will reflect the light in your space, increasing brightness and perhaps even making it feel larger. Let us help you select the ideal place for glass tile!


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