The Pros and Cons of Custom Cabinets


Creating a dream kitchen comes with many decisions. One of the most important ones is what cabinets will help bring everything together. That choice comes with another. Do you get custom cabinetry or premanufactured ones? While both come in an array of finishes and colors, there are pros and cons to having them handmade.


The biggest benefit of going the custom route is that you will get the exact design you want. A professional will work with you to help design the space. No matter what size you want them to be, or perhaps have a mix of sizes to add a unique flair, the right professional will be able to accommodate your needs. Custom cabinetry also allows for the unique design of the cupboards themselves. Whether you want to incorporate some additional material or add some accent elements, your ideas aren’t as limited. You will also get the opportunity to choose the material you want, whether wood, stainless steel or another material. These cabinets will also most likely be of higher quality, adding value to your home.


The biggest negative is cost. While it may raise the value of your home, the upfront cost is significantly more. In many cases, stock cabinetry is one-third of the cost. Depending on your remodeling budget, a custom order may take up way more than it should. Another downside is the time factor. If you are trying to get the project done before hosting an upcoming holiday or trying to sell the home, you will be waiting much longer for the custom cupboards. Stock ones are readily available to be shipped.

Design, budget and time are all key considerations when deciding if custom cabinetry is the right way to go. If ensuring your kitchen looks exactly like you want tops the list, the custom work offers the versatility to make that happen.