Cabinet Styles for Your Kitchen Upgrade


Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most influential factors that impact the look of your kitchen. After all, these fixtures are often right in your line of sight, making them the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. Updating your cabinets can significantly improve the look, organization, and overall feel of the heart of your home. There are many styles you can choose from when having your kitchen renovated.

Choosing the Right Overlay

Overlay is the term used to describe how your cabinet doors and drawers are attached to the fixtures themselves. With the standard option, the doors and drawers are mounted to the front of the framing and some of it, along with the hinges, is visible. If you want a sleek and more modern design, you could opt for a full overlay; this means none of the hinges or framework are visible with the finished product. You could also choose a face frame inset, which exposes all of the framing and hinges in their entirety.

Choosing the Right Doors

There are dozens of drawer and door options to choose from when designing your ideal kitchen cabinets. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Shaker
  • Flat
  • Recessed panel
  • Raised panel
  • Arched
  • Glass
  • Louvered

Which design you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including the material you choose for your cabinets and coverings.

Choosing the Right Hardware

You’ll need an easy way to open and close your kitchen cabinets, so picking out the right hardware is a must. An expert can help you choose the right options to complement your design while ensuring they’re easy to use. You can also opt for wood pulls, wood lips, or even a hidden “press-and-spring” closure that allows you to keep a seamless, modern, flat finish.

Making a final decision on so many elements for your kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming. Talk with a pro who can offer you guidance on the best choice for your home.