The Advantages of Semi-Custom Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets come in three different categories; stock cabinets, custom cabinets and semi-custom cabinets. While most people are familiar with the first two types, they are likely less familiar with the third option. 

Stock cabinets are the kind of cabinet that can be purchased at most home improvement stores. They are usually made of particle board or press board and come in three or four of the most popular styles and colors. You can often purchase them directly off the shelf or have what you need delivered from a larger warehouse in less than a couple of weeks.

Custom cabinets are made-to-order cabinets that are usually designed and built by a custom cabinet maker. They usually cost significantly more than stock cabinets, but are made from much higher quality material. Instead of particle board, they are often made of high quality plywood. You can also have them made in any type of wood, with any color stain, and in any design you can think of. Because they are made-to-order, it often takes several weeks for the builder to fill the order.

Semi-custom cabinets may be the best of both worlds. While the designs available are more restricted than with custom cabinets, there are dozens more to choose from than stock cabinets. They are usually made of higher quality materials, like custom cabinets, and the choice of color is virtually endless. Cabinets that are semi-custom give you the ability to choose the type of hardware that fits your home. You are not limited to what the dealer has on hand. They are also generally available in a shorter amount of time than custom cabinets, because they are partially built before you order them.

While there are advantages to all three types of cabinets available, if you are looking for a quality product that has more options and will last longer than stock cabinets, but don’t have the budget to pay for a custom job, semi-custom cabinets may be the way to go.