Understanding the Tiling Process

A thorough kitchen or bath remodel involves several different processes. A beautiful change you can make is adding ceramic tile to the design. The professionals make it look so easy, but there is more to laying tile than meets the eye. 


The first thing your contractor is going to want to do is to choose the tile that fits your style and your budget. During the consultation, you choose the tile material and may look through hundreds of options of varying colors, designs and prices. It’s important to take your time to select the one that works best with your particular project. What you choose will inform the rest of the process.


Making tile look beautiful takes precision. With your selection in mind, the contractor measures the area where it will be placed so that he or she can make detailed plans. Most of the ceramic tile will remain intact, but some of the border pieces may have to be cut to fit perfectly. Taking measurements ahead of time helps the team identify potential issues and resolve them quickly.


When the technicians arrive at your home, they’ll start by smoothing out the area where the tile will be laid. Whether you are tiling a wall, floor or countertop, it must first be cleaned and cleared of all debris. Once the space is smooth, the team lay the tile neatly. Whether they’re using grout or some other type of adhesive, experienced technicians can place the pieces efficiently and avoid a lot of the mistakes that laypersons often make. 

Ceramic tile can add a touch of beauty to your kitchen or bathroom design. Once you’ve discussed the design and style you want with your contractor, he or she can direct the team to execute the plan and create the space of your dreams.