Clues That it’s Time To Get New Cabinets


Your kitchen is one of the most common gathering places in your house. Not only do you prepare and eat meals here, but it’s a popular place to visit and entertain. If you’re struggling to know what you can do to update your kitchen, take a look at your cabinets. A few simple signs can tell you that you need to replace or improve them. Kitchen cabinet replacement doesn’t have to be stressful or challenging.

They Don’t Fit in Well With the Rest of the Kitchen

Do your cabinets look mismatched? Do they not complement the countertops and flooring? Maybe you have newer appliances, and perhaps you’ve updated other elements but neglected the cabinets. When your old cabinets stick out like a sore thumb, or if they’re clearly from a time period decades ago, it’s probably the right move to replace them.

They’re Falling Apart

A few minor blemishes here and there don’t signal a need for kitchen cabinet replacement. Adding new hardware or refinishing the surfaces are good ways to update the cabinets. However, when your cabinets are broken, when the doors are falling off, or when the cabinets are no longer functioning, start shopping for replacements.

You Hate the Style

This may often be the case when you move into an older home. You could like other elements of the kitchen, but if the cabinets don’t suit your preferences, consider replacing them after you move in. If you don’t enjoy the cabinets, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker on whether to purchase the house. However, you can consult a design professional about which types make the most sense in your kitchen. The right set can open up your kitchen, make it more functional and beautify this important room.

Kitchen cabinet replacement is one of the most important aspects of home renovations. If any of these three issues are going on with your cabinets, start shopping for replacements.